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The Man Behind the Famous Slow Cooked Lamb

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Slow cooked lamb for a team building event

Fabricio’s slow cooked lamb is becoming famous among those who have tried it and is fast becoming a popular feature for London Bushcraft's large team building events.

On a recent team building event, someone said it was the best lamb they have ever eaten. So, let’s find out more about the man behind the slow cooked lamb.

Fabricio is a qualified chef and has a passion for food and cooking food in a natural way. His specialty with London Bushcraft is his slow cooked lamb which roasts over the open fire for 5 hours. (There is always vegetarian and vegan options available too).

Back home in Brazil on a fishing trip with family

Fabricio’s skills and passion go back to his roots in Brazil where he grew up, deep in the rain forest of Rondonia. His family owned a farm and to get to the farm, they would need to pass through an indigenous tribe’s land. The tradition was to trade goods to get permission to pass through the land. Over time Fabricio’s family built up a long-lasting friendship with them. They would share their knowledge with Fabricio’s family and they would often go fishing together and then cook their food by the river together.

They would often share food they hunted with Fabricio’s family and Fabricio remembers as a child eating monkey and snakes. They would also share the famous indigenous drink with his parents, Cauim (traditional alcoholic drink made from cassava).

Slow roasting meat in the countryside in Brazil with family and friends

On trips back to Brazil, Fabricio loves nothing more than returning to the countryside and to his roots and to show he’s daughter the lifestyle he grew up with. He loves going fishing and going to the forest to slowly roast meat over the fire with friends and family, which he has been doing since he was 8 years old.

Now living in London, Fabricio believes that it’s important for people living in big cities to have opportunities to reconnect with nature and to increase the depth of understanding of nature to create harmony between people and the land.

To book a slow cooked BBQ for your event (team building days, weddings, birthdays etc) please email

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