Exciting bushcraft adventures for birthdays, hens or stag parties or a day or weekend with friends.  A bespoke program can be created to suit you and your guests interests. We can travel to you or you can choose one of our locations. 

Each course varies as it depends on the exact content of your event, numbers participating and venue selected.  We will provide technical equipment and food and drink agreed in program.  We will endeavor to create a course that meets your budget. Please contact us for a quote. 

And where will it be? 

There are 13 venues to choose from or we can travel to a venue of your choice. 

What else can we have?

Adult bushcraft adventures  


Your group can celebrate by finishing off with a tasting session of various alcoholic drinks made with foraged ingredients. This can include birch wine, elderflower champagne, sloe gin and blackberry and elderberry Pimms. 


If it is a full day course you will be supplied with biscuits morning tea. However you can select additional food from a menu of gourmet foraged delights for morning and afternoon tea ranging between £3- £18pp extra depending on the number of additional items selected.  


 A  BBQ lamb can be slow cooked for  you for 5 hours by a team of professional chefs. BBQ vegetarian skewers available.

Wilderness retreat

Would you like to connect with nature through mindfulness, meditation and bushcraft. A bespoke day or weekend retreat can be created for your group. 


Would you like to go further afield than  London?  Bushcraft, camping, hiking, canoeing, fishing and more?  Contact us to create a special adventure. 

What can we do? 

•    Build a fire without matches
•    Foraging challenge
•    Fungi foray
•    Cook with foods found in the wild
•    Make and cook bread on an open fire
•    Prepare fish and game (such as rabbit and pigeon) and learn to cook it 
•    Learn to carve wood and use cutting implements safely for bushcraft 
•    Build basic shelters, either from natural or man-made materials
•    Natural navigation challenges
•    Water challenge  
•    Build an outdoor sauna and relax at the end of a hard day

•    Have a buscraft and meditation retreat (day or weekend)

•    Survival scenarios 

How long will it take?

Sessions can range from two hours to two days . 

And what will it cost? 

What people say about their day?

"Brilliant enthusiasm and preparation. Great communication pre- course", Katy Neale

"Very informative, great team building for us.", Mikey Ross

"Fantastic day. Learned lots, lovely experience, fun and enjoyed connecting with nature", Nikki Levitan


"Great fun and I learnt a lot. Gutting a fish was a first for me, so it was a highlight.  I enjoyed the bread making", Adam

"The event was brilliant. It met all of my expectations.  Highlights... all of it." Martin Reading 

"Absolutely fantastic. Far exceeded my expectations. Amazing day. Thanks so much!", Kim

"Amazing, really interesting. Love the variety of fire lighting options to play with!" Jude

"Thank you, the course was really informative and enjoyable", Henreitre Furze

"Very happy I did this session. I learned many things which I can use for camping",  Kate

"I can now see the woods in a different light. The guides were clear in explaining everything. Their knowledge on bushcraft was very informative, they did a great job", Debbie White

"I loved the bushcraft experience, a really great day, a great bonding experience. I enjoyed the whoile day, especially the food", Helen Booth




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E: office@londonbushcraft.com 

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