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Zoom birthday parties

Are you looking for a covid safe way to celebrate your child's birthday during the pandemic and lockdown?  London Bushcraft will help create a bespoke Zoom bushcraft, nature or survival party for your child. We have three themes to choose from:

“Campfire treats, Nature explorers and Survival skills”. Or mix and match between the themes to create your own unique party!

All activities can be done indoors in a house or flat with minimal supervision. Suitable for 7+ and 5+ if they are accompanied by an adult or older sibling. 

cooking pics.jpg

Campfire treats

Learn how to cook campfire treats.  This time we will cook them indoors but next time your family has a campfire your children will know how to make new treats!  


Choose 1 or two of the following:

  • Make scones and learn how to they can be cooked in a Dutch oven

  • Make chocolate brownies in an orange and learn how it could be cooked in the embers of a fire

  • Cook pizza calzone and learn how it can be cooked in an open fire

  • Make apple muffins and learn how you could cook these in a homemade oven

  • Make chocolate bananas and baked apples and learn how these can be roasted in a fire 

survival skills.jpg

Survival skills

Learn a variety of survival skills from making survival biscuits to making your own compass. 

Choose 1 or two of the following: 


  • Learn how to grow survival food in a jar

  • Learn about natural navigation and make your own compass

  • Learn about explorers to Antarctica and then learn how to make the survival biscuits that Ernest Shackleton used in expeditions to Antarctica

  • Learn how to find water in nature and then make your own water filter

  • Learn about Stone Age fire lighting techniques

pics nature explorers.jpg

Nature explorers

Become a nature explorer and learn   about the natural world, from birds to bugs and even caves. 

Choose 1 or two of the following:

  • Learn about the different types of caves and how stalactites are formed. Then make your own science experiment to show how stalactites are formed. 

  • Learn how things grow and make egg head planters

  • Learn about birds and then make an apple bird feeder 

  • Learn all about fossils and make your own fossil

  • Learn about bugs and make a bug house 


· Items listed for each activity that we will send you in advance

· You will need to download Zoom. Upon booking, we will send you the details for the meeting.              



Included is expert bushcraft guidance to do each activity.



  One activity, 45 mins,  £75            Two activities, 1.5 hrs,  £100            


SPECIAL OFFER: If you book a face to face party at the same time as booking a zoom party (with the date TBC when restrictions allow) we will offer you a 1.5 hr zoom party for the costs of a 45min party, plus a 3 hour face to face party for the cost of a 2 hr party.  

"Amazing Lockdown party! Wendy at London Bushcraft ran a wonderful and engaging Baking zoom party for our 7 year old twins' birthday party. They learnt how to make yummy campfire treats with their friends and Wendy guided them all through each step with ease. Definitely a birthday party to remember!"

"Thank you, he really enjoyed it, it made such a difference in these lockdown times. He also loved zooming out with his friends!"

"Oh, thank you so much. The girls loved it today!"

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