Children's birthday parties 

Celebrate with a difference this year! Get outdoors for action packed fun! Fire lighting, treasure hunts, roasting marshmallows, games and more!  A bespoke program can be created to suit

your child's interests.

What activities can they do? 

•    Build a fire without matches
•    Foraging challenge

•    Treasure hunts
•    Make s'mores

•    Toast marshmallows 

•    Natural navigation challenge 


•    Cook lunch over the fire 

•    Make wild soup 

•    Make and cook bread on an open fire
•    Shelter building

•    Have lots of fun in nature! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it last?

Most parties go for 2 - 3 hours. However timings are completely flexible to suit you.

What about food?

Feel free to bring any extra food and drink you would like. As part of the program, there may be food that the group prepares.  The children could even prepare all of the food as part of the program!

Can I bring a cake? 

Yes of course! We can have it at a time that would suit you and fit in with the program. 

Where will it be? 

There are 13 venues to choose from or we can travel to a venue of your choice. 



And what will it cost? 

We will endeavour to create a party that meets your budget. Each course varies as it depends on the exact content of the program, numbers participating, venue and if you will be providing any adult helpers. We will provide all equipment and tuition. Most parties are about £260. 

What people say about their day?

“It was brilliant from start to finish. Perfect combination of fun, learning and exercise. It exceeded my expectations, Wendy thought of everything not just the entertainment and activities but also all the logistics. An enormous thank you. Edo had a really fantastic      birthday- this was the perfect party for him”,  Anna Iacuzzi

"Just wanted to say thanks again for today. Emilia told me tonight it was the best party she has ever had", Amanda Bowen

"Thanks again for an awesome party on  Saturday, Dylan says everyone is still talking about it at school today!", Emma Gray

"I loved the event. I knew our son would love it as well and that's why we chose you. The highlight was the fire lighting. I would definitely recommend London Bushcraft," H Sarkinen

“Thanks so much once again for yesterday! They loved it and we were so glad to go ahead despite the weather. The children loved cooking their own lunch. You did a brilliant job and we really enjoyed your company as well as your excellent work. We will be delighted to recommend you to friends”, Fiona Bates

"Brilliant, such a fantastic party, the children loved it.", Helen Banks

"It was amazing fun! It exceeded my expectations, the children had so much fun", Candice

"Amazing and unforgtettable experience. I loved all the teamwork between the children." Noreen Bardsley

"That was one of the best parties we have ever been to. Wendy was brilliant and Gareth was in he's element. Thanks so much for    inviting us."  Jay Thomas 

"Fantastic party, most memorable one of the year. Girls had a ball as did myself. It is one thing to have bushcraft knowledge but another matter entirely to convey that knowlege to a bunch of very excited primary scholl children. Wendy's mission was entirely successful and my girls are thoroughly inspired. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday",  Ellie Ford


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