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As well as being experienced in bushcraft in the UK, Wendy Paton has led 21 expeditions worldwide. During these trips she has foraged for wild rhubarb in Mongolia; eaten live ants in Ecuador; gone mud fishing in Vietnam; tracked with the Kalahari Bushmen in Botswana; caught and eaten frogs for breakfast in Laos; and picked enough wild blueberries in Ecuador to turn herself blue. These experiences bring real depth of knowledge to the bushcraft and survival skills taught by London Bushcraft.


Wendy’s interest in bushcraft started as a young child. She grew up in Australia and has always been fascinated by the skills and knowledge that allowed indigenous Australians to survive for thousands of years off the land. She loves returning to her home country regularly to see family and friends and having time for her favourite pastime; snorkelling and diving for shellfish. 

She believes that bushcraft is very much needed in a society that has in some ways drifted away from its ancestral and natural roots. It provides people with an opportunity to connect with the world around them more fully - and sometimes also a part of themselves they have never come into contact with before.

Wendy is supported by a large and experienced team with a deep knowledge of bushcraft and working with groups. 

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