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School Bushcraft Activities  

A bushcraft programme can meet the objectives of your curriculum in a fun and interactive way that the students will remember. We can come to your school or you can travel to one of our locations. 

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How can a bushcraft program link in with the curriculum?


  • Bring to life the lives of our ancestors from the stone age to the iron age and get your students to immerse themselves in how they used to live. 

  • Immerse your students in survival skills and what is would be like to be on a deserted island without modern conveniences

  • Forage and cook something healthy and nutritious over the an open fire. This can tie in with cooking and nutrition as well as the stone age

  • Are you reading a booking in English we could bring to life? Past examples are Wolf Brother, Pax, Lost Words and Stone Age Boy

  • Are you studying a  a part of history we could help bring to life? An example is learning about Shackleton

  • Are you studying a culture we could help your students learn about? An example is the Ojibwe tribe  

  • Would you like your students to learn about map reading and natural navigation through a range of interactive activities? 

  • Learn about the amazing interplay of nature on a nature walk learning about various parts of trees and plants, the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal

  • Alternatively bushcraft activity days are great rewards or end of term events.

  • We can provide high quality educational overnight camps learning bushcraft and survival skills