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School Bushcraft Activities  

A bushcraft programme can meet the objectives of your curriculum in a fun and interactive way that the students will remember. We can come to your school or you can travel to one of our locations. 

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How can a bushcraft program link in with the curriculum?


  • Bring to life the lives of our ancestors from the stone age to the iron age and get your students to immerse themselves in how they used to live. 

  • Immerse your students in survival skills and what is would be like to be on a deserted island without modern conveniences

  • Forage and cook something healthy and nutritious over the an open fire. This can tie in with cooking and nutrition as well as the stone age

  • Are you reading a booking in English we could bring to life? Past examples are Wolf Brother, Pax, Lost Words and Stone Age Boy

  • Are you studying a  a part of history we could help bring to life? An example is learning about Shackleton

  • Are you studying a culture we could help your students learn about? An example is the Ojibwe tribe  

  • Would you like your students to learn about map reading and natural navigation through a range of interactive activities? 

  • Learn about the amazing interplay of nature on a nature walk learning about various parts of trees and plants, the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal

  • Alternatively bushcraft activity days are great rewards or end of term events.

  • We can provide high quality educational overnight camps learning bushcraft and survival skills

What activities can my class do? 

•    Learn how to light a fire using stone age          to modern methods

•    Build basic shelters, either from natural or        man-made materials
•    Natural navigation challenges

•    Map reading

•    Make a compass
•    Purifying water 

•    Nature walks

•    Overnight camps

•    Nature treasure hunts 

•    Cook with wild foods to create meals like              nettle soup

•    Make and cook bread on an open fire

•    Prepare fish and game and learn to cook it 

•    Wood carving and learning to use cutting            implements safely for bushcraft 

•    Trapping techniques

•    Explore in nature

Frequently asked questions 

How long will it take?

Sessions can range from two hours to three days and timings are completely flexible to suit you.

And what will it cost? 

We will endeavour to create a program that meets your budget. Each course varies as it depends on the exact content of your event, numbers participating, venue and if you will be providing any adult helpers. We will provide all equipment and tuition. Prices start from £6pp 

And where will it be? 

Most activities can be done on your school premises or if you prefer we have 13 locations to choose from.

What people say about their day?

"London Bushcraft have created engaging hands-on learning experiences for our KS2 pupils for a number of years. Our children enjoy experiences including lighting outdoor fires using stone age methods, cooking foraged food (e.g. nettles) and then eating. The hands on learning experiences, excellent resources and brilliant educators make the learning memorable. London Bushcraft shape the activities to meet our curricula needs. As a serving headteacher I can't recommend them highly enough", Matt ball, Headteacher, Bishop Gilpin C of E Primary School

"We had a wonderful day with London Bushcraft when they came to run survival skills workshops with our Year 6 children. The London Bushcraft staff were knowledgeable and so well prepared for all eventualities and weather. The children absolutely loved the activities and enjoyed building fires, making bread and constructing shelters. It was great how Wendy linked the day to our class reading book - this was such an excellent link for the children. Thank you for an excellent survival skills experience. We would highly recommend it", Coral Powell, Hotham Primary School

"The survival days at our school exceeded expectations. The children were thoroughly engaged throughout. The children loved the practical aspects and were talking about it the next day, they have already been requesting a return visit! It was great that London Bushcraft can come to the school, as our younger children remained enthusiastic as they were not too tired from travelling to another location.  Thank you for organising everything. This should be an established part of the curriculum", Celia Pelly , St Clement and St James C of E Primary School

“A really well lead, engaging session that was relevant to out hunter gatherer book (Wolf Brother) that we are currently reading in year 5. We would love to book this in again for next year at around the same time as it is a really great addition to our English curriculum. ”, Damian Oliver, Bishop Gilpin School 

"The feedback from the children was very positive. They felt they had a fun day with fun and learning about map reading. I thought there was a good balance of work and learning and breathing time for the children", Dorothea Van Breda, St Michael Steiner School. 

Today I was amazed at the different things we learnt about, including what we learnt about the plants. The day was excellent; our teacher was good. The young people said that they would rate the day 30 out of 30. We made nettle soup and berry bread with jam and it was tasty. The day went very well. 100/100." June Greene, Community Links coordinator/ teacher 

"I thought the event was fab! We got all of the learning objectives and enjoyment we wanted from the course. Thank you for all your hard work. We hope you'll come back again next year. One student told me 'It was the best day I have ever had at school.'"Matt Birch, deputy head at Bishop Gilpin Primary School, Wimbledon. 

"Many thanks for last week, myself and the school were very happy with the end result and the children had a great time. I was very pleased with the outcome of the event, especially given the short notice of the booking. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves which was the main purpose of the trip. The two days met our expectations as the children took a lot in and had a lot of fun in the process. I particularly enjoyed watching the children during their final group challenges, they had built up enough confidence in themselves to take control of the situation and use their new found skills. I would recommend London Bushcraft to other schools", Tom Telford, St Dunstans

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