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All activities to be outside.


Government guidelines adhered to.


Activities designed to keep contact with communal equipment to a minimum if at all.


Any communal equipment is sterilized between uses and after activity


Antibacterial gel available at all times


The group is briefed at the start of the session on ways we can keep each other safe during the course.


All participants asked that they do not attend if they or someone in their family has symptoms of Covid-19 or has been in close contact with someone with symptoms. They are also asked not to attend if they have been advised to self-isolate for any reason.


Participants are asked to bring their own water bottle, antibacterial gel and waterproof jacket if wet weather is predicted to prevent participants being in a smaller space under a communal shelter.

Activities organised in a way to maintain social distancing if the group is not in a "bubble".


Some activities will not be offered if they cannot be conducted in a way that adheres to government guidelines.


A discussion to be held with person booking the event to discuss if they are in a social bubble, so activities can be  arranged in a safe way.


The London Bushcraft leaders to maintain social distancing.

Our cancellation policy is very flexible at the moment so you can book confidently and can be offered a refund or an opportunity to book another date if the situation with government guidelines change.


We are also offering various zoom bushcraft activities during the pandemic


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