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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a buscraft team event?

Away from the day-to-day workplace, people can show sides of themselves that may not normally be obvious. While foraging requires an eye for detail and observation, fire lighting needs patience and determination to create the right conditions to allow the fire to flourish. Building a shelter, meanwhile, demands innovation and creativity. And crucially, each of the activities require effective teamwork. See what qualities develop that you didn't know you had. 

​Are programs bespoke?

Yes. All programs are created to meet your objectives and needs. Whether that is to enhance teamwork, have a day doing something different or any other corporate event.

How long are the programs?

​Sessions can range from two hours to two days and timings are completely flexible to suit you.

And what will it cost? 

The price of each course varies as it depends on the exact content of your event, numbers participating and venue. As a guideline prices usually range between £30 - £200pp. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you create a day that meets your budget and your team's interest.  


And where will we be? 

There are 13 venues to choose from or we can travel to a venue of your choice. 

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