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Environmentally friendly Christmas gifts

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Treat someone this year to an experience they will remember. From hard core survival skills, family sessions and a 4 course meal created with foraged ingredients there is something for everyone.

Here's a list of choices:

Overnight survival £130

In this overnight survival challenge you will learn the basics of survival. From making your own shelter that you will sleep in to learning various fire lighting techniques, you will not only learn how to survive but also thrive! You will go away from the course having learned lots of skills, pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and feel a sense accomplishment.


Foraging feast £35

You will be treated to 4 course meal made from foods that you may of never knew you can eat or that they even existed! In between courses you will learn all about the foraged foods you have been eating. The menu will include: Wild green salad, wild pesto pasta with wild greens and hazelnuts, seabuckthorn posset, ash keys with cheese and crackers. Finish off the evening with a coffee or tea to be accompanied with chocolate truffles, with a foraging slant.... sloe berries that have been slowly infused with gin and then port.

Finish the evening enjoying some wild shots such as elderflower liqueur, rose hip brandy and sloe port.


Bushcraft Fundamentals £85

Learn the basics of survival without having to travel out of London! In this action packed day you will forage for wild foods, learn fire lighting skills (including friction fire lighting), cook an amazing meal over the fire with optional fish preparation. In the afternoon you will learn how to make yourself comfortable with a tarp and learn how to make quick release knots. We will finish off with learning about natural navigation techniques which you will put to use in a fun orienteering challenge.


Spring Forage and the feast £35

Embrace spring by learning about the abundant wild greens you can forage. Then get in touch with your primitive side and learn some fire lighting skills. After all your efforts, reward yourself with the delicious spring soup that will be cooked over the open fire. You will also make fresh bread to cook over the fire to have with wild jam or pesto that will be provided.


Family Bushcraft £20

A fun family session, making mini shelters, learning fire lighting skills, roasting marshmallows and making s'mores!

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