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Online nature and bushcraft sessions for children

"I just wanted to email you to say thank you for the classes, Theo is really enjoying them."

London Bushcraft is providing interactive, fun and educational sessions for children during lockdown teaching them about nature, bushcraft and survival skills. Sessions suitable for ages 7+. Ages 5+ can also attend if they are accompanied by an older sibling or parent.

During the week they will learn about:

The Stone Age

Learn what life was like in the Stone Age. Where people lived and how they survived without our modern day conveniences. Then watch two methods that were used to create fire in the Stone Age; friction fire lighting and flint and steel.

How to grow food in a jar and learn about seeds

The children will start the process of growing food in a jar today and we will look after it during the week to keep it growing. They will learn about seed germination and seed dispersal in nature.

Learn all about why water is essential for our survival

Learn about the strange and wonderful ways to find water in a survival situation and they will make their own survival water filter.

Learn about Ernest Shackleton’s expeditions to Antarctica

Learn about Ernest Shackleton’s expeditions to Antarctica and make “Sledging biscuits”. This was one of the foods that helped keep Shackleton’s team alive while stranded for two years.

Natural navigation

Learn about natural navigation and how to use signs in nature to find direction. The children will make their own compass.

All of the above can be done either indoors or outdoors and can be done in a flat or a house with minimal adult supervision and with equipment that is easily found. Four of the sessions have a practical element that the children will do themselves.

Each programme starts on Monday and ends on Friday. Sessions are approximately 40 mins. Ideas will be given each session about what they could learn about between the sessions.

Children can sign up as individuals or with a group of friends. For group bookings, times and dates are flexible. Group size will be a maximum of 8.

To book on the next course starting on the 11th May:

For GROUP BOOKINGS and more information please contact: or call 07957 929 504

"Oh, thank you so much. The girls loved it today!"

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