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Tips for foraging safely

Foraging for your own food is very liberating, but make sure you do it safely!

100% Identification

There should be no doubt when you are foraging something you are going to eat. Plants change through the seasons, so become familiar how they look through the different seasons. Use books, the internet and experts to help you identify plants safely.

Pick in unpolluted areas

Pick away from roads, polluted water ways and where there are a lot of dog walkers. Wash plants before eating them as well.

Interaction of plants and allergies

Some plants are powerful and are used in herbal medicine. Some interact with pharmaceutical drugs and can amplify their effects. one example is hawthorn. Other plants you may have a personal sensitivity to, so start by having smaller amounts.

What you are allowed to pick

You can pick foliage, fruit and fungi (although in some areas fungi is not allowed to be picked). You must not uproot plants unless you have the landowners permission.

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