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Why to convince your team to try a team building day with London Bushcraft

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

“Are you having a laugh?” was one response an organiser had when they announced their team building day was to spend a day in the outdoors learning primitive skills… in February!

After a catered BBQ lunch and skills building session, the team undertook a survival challenge. The team in fact thrived and our staff team was pleasantly surprised with the enthusiasm and perseverance they showed, despite less than favourable conditions.

Sometimes in the life the easy option out is not necessarily the one that will help the team develop. When we are not pushed out of our comfort zone, we cannot grow. Yet if we continually push ourselves out of our usual sphere of comfort, this zone expands more and more, until very little perceived risks frightens us anymore and we can reserve the fear in our lives for real threats rather than imagined ones.

So maybe a relaxed, cushy team building event is maybe what your team wants but is it what the team really needs?

Team building day with Fuller, Smith & Turner - Managed Pubs & Hotels

Here’s more comments from the day:

“When we got wind of what we were doing, we might have been a bit apprehensive. But the whole team got behind everything which was really refreshing. Taking us out of our day to day routine where everyone got into it, was great.”

“We tried our hardest to persevere and not go down the easy route. As a team we took a step back and discussed the task. As a result, we made this fire and that is something I am proud of. It would have been easy for someone to get out a lighter but we didn’t, we worked as a team. It was a really fun day.” A team building day with Fuller, Smith & Turner - Managed Pubs & Hotels

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